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Debit / ATM Cards

Coming Soon…EMV Chip Debit Cards and what you need to know.  Beginning in November 2016, all magnetic stripe debit cards will be replaced with a new chip card over a 12 month period based on their month of expiration.  Watch for yours to come in the mail.  Once your chip card is activated, you will want to destroy your old magnetic stripe card as it will no longer work. Also remember to update any recurring payments you have set-up with your new chip card expiration date.

Debit Card

It's faster than writing a check and easier than carrying a lot of cash!

The Hicksville Bank's Debit MasterCard* can be used to make purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted. You will no longer have to worry about running out of checks or carrying large amounts of cash. Purchases made with a Debit MasterCard are deducted from your checking account and will be reflected on your monthly statement.

In addition to these great features, the Debit MasterCard can also be used as an ATM Card which eliminates the need to carry 2 cards. All the services provided with an ATM Card are available with the Debit MasterCard.

*Available to qualified individuals with a Hicksville Bank checking account. The daily purchase limit is determined at the time of card issuance.

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ATM Card

The Hicksville Bank's ATM card provides the convenience of 24 hour banking and there are no fees to our customers when using our ATM's located at any of our branches. You can also access your accounts using other ATM's (fees apply).

Customers can:

  • Check current balances on checking or savings accounts
  • Make deposits to checking or savings accounts
  • Withdraw cash from checking or savings account (up to $200 per day)
  • Transfer funds between checking and savings accounts
  • Make payments to Hicksville Bank loan accounts

To apply for a Debit or ATM card, please visit any one of our branch locations.

To report a lost or stolen Debit/ATM card, during regular business hours, please call 419-542-7726 or 800-334-1862.  Provide your name, phone number, type of card, and the date & time you realized your card was missing.

To report a lost or stolen Debit card, after regular business hours, please call 800-554-8969 and to help us better serve you, also report  the lost or stolen card to The Hicksville Bank, 419-542-7726 or 800-334-1862.  Provide your name, phone number, type of card, and the date & time you realized your card was missing.


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