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Savings Comparison

We offer savings account options for people just beginning to save and those who are preparing for retirement.

We also offer several CD options to meet your needs. Our array of savings options can help you achieve your financial goals. When you save with us, you can earn competitive interest rates, link your HB savings and checking accounts together for overdraft protection, and are able to view your accounts with the convenience of a combined monthly statement.

Account Type Minimum Balance Opening Deposit Interest Bearing
Regular Savings $300 Unspec. Yes, => $200 daily balance
  • Transaction Fee of $1.00 on withdrawals > 5/month if daily balance < $300 and # of withdrawals > 5 per month.
  • Maintenance Fee of $3.00 if daily balance < $300.
Insured Money Market $1,000 $1,000 Yes, => $1,000
  • Maintenance Fee of $7.00 if daily balance < $1,000.
Power Savings $2,500 $2,500 Yes, => $2,500
  • Maintenace Fee of $7.00 if daily balance < $2,500.
Christmas Club N/A $1.00 Yes
  • Provides auto savings program
  • Earns regular savings rate
  • Annual compound
  • Check mailed annually by November 1st
Certificate of Deposit
We have many CD products available. Ask us about which CD is right for you.
Individual Retirement Accounts
We have many IRA products available. Ask us about which IRA is right for you.
Insurance Products Are Not FDIC Insured | Are Not Bank Guaranteed | May Lose Value

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